Registration entry fees are payable in dollars currency (online). Competitors may use a credit card to pay the sport entry fees.

There is a registration fees of 50.00 $ dollars till Septembre 20, 2022. After this date, any payment will be 80 $ dollars. This fees allows you to participate in 3 sports!

The inscription will be online through this website and the payment online.
Registration here : Registration JLPYB

The deadline for registering is September 20, 2022. After, it will be impossible to register online. From September 30 2022, it will be possible to register directly at the Mexico accreditation center, but only in some sports.


The following markings are permitted on attire worn during competition:

A) Agency, association, team identification;
B)Brand name manufactured onto uniform;
C) Competitors name; and,Tasteful advertising in a rectangular area not to exceed 10 cm x 22 cm (4″ X 9″). The advertising may be either silk screened or embroidered and shall be color complimentary to the uniform. Other attire worn by competitors (warm-ups, jackets, hats, etc.) may display additional advertising and logos.  Any uniform or other attire worn or displayed by any participant must be in good taste and in keeping with the good name of the LAPFG, the Host and Law Enforcement and Firefighting services.
Violations may result in expulsion from the LAPFG venues and/or disciplinary action. Contact the LAPFG if you are unsure about the type of advertising allowed. The participants in team sports need to have 2 uniforms of different colors.


INTIMIDATION:  Competitors shall not intimidate or attempt to influence a Official Sport regarding rule changes.  Taking a vote of competitors or otherwise obtaining a consensus of competitors’ wishes to make rule changes is not allowed.

LATE COMPETITORS AND SCHEDULING:  Competition will adhere to scheduling as published, or referred to, in the Confirmation Letter. Sports, events, games and/or matches will not be delayed to accommodate late competitors. Some sports have grace periods in the rules.  The Host shall adhere to those rules.

UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT:  Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be condoned during, before or after competition.  Any behavior that brings discredit upon the LAPFG, or Law Enforcement and Firefighting services in general will not be tolerated.  Any physical or verbal assaults on officials, competitors, spectators, coordinators or ex-officious will meet with immediate and the severest of penalty.  Unsportsmanlike conduct of non-competitor Law Enforcement Officers and Firefighters or other supporters may reflect on their competitor associates and the continued participation of that individual or team.

ALCOHOL AND DRUGS:  Competitors are prohibited from consuming alcoholic beverages during competition and alcoholic beverages are prohibited from the field or area of competition.  Controlled substances are prohibited from being used unlawfully by any person associated with the LAPFG.  No participant may compete in any LAPFG sport/event “under the influence” of alcohol or a controlled substance.  If such a condition is suspected, the participant shall be removed from competition and an immediate inquiry shall be conducted by the Host.

UNLAWFUL ACTIVITY:   All persons who are associated with the LAPFG shall abide by all Local, State and National laws that apply to those in attendance at the LAPFG.  Unlawful activity during this time will result in disqualification from competition and/or in the reporting of the activity.  This and any other unlawful activity may result in exclusion from all future LAPFG events.

GAMBLING:  No gambling of any kind will be permitted during the LAPFG.

WEAPONS, HOLSTERS, AMMO CARRIERS & AMMUNITION: The LAPFG intends to organize shooting competitions that will not turn into an equipment race. LAPFG shooting events require use of practical handguns and holsters that are truly suitable for police duty.  No “competition” equipment is permitted in LAPFG matches since the main goal is to test the skill and ability of the individual, not equipment or gamesmanship.



The pistols GLOCK 17 will be provided by the local police force to all the shooters.


The ammunition will be sold at the shooting range, at a cost of 50 US$ the box.

The knock down and drop steel targets will be set for 9mm, 125-grain bullets.

NOTE:  If there is any conflict with the above rules regarding weapons, holsters, ammo carriers or ammunition, the LAPFG Director will make the final ruling.


PROTESTS:  All protests must be lodged with the Sport Coordinators or his/her designee immediately after the violation.  If the protest cannot be resolved by the Coordinator, the competition will be allowed to proceed under protest.  The protest shall then be submitted in writing to the LAPFG Federation within 8 hours of the initial protest.  If the presentation of awards is affected by the possible results of the protest, the awards shall be withheld pending the LAPFG Federation decision.  All decisions by the LAPFG Federation are final, unless appealed as outlined below.

APPEALS:  When any action is taken against a competitor in the Games that is of such a nature that the need for such action is not immediate, the recipient is entitled to a hearing before the LAPFG Federation prior to action being taken.  Competitors in such a situation will be given written instructions on how to appeal.


Any person that enters the LAPFG as a retired Law Enforcement Officer or Firefighter must provide identification, in the form of an identification card or letter of identification from their agency, at Host Registration.

Contact the LAPFG Headquarters office if you are unsure as to your status.

Any person terminated from an eligible agency for less than honorable reasons shall not be considered eligible to compete, regardless of length of service or retirement status.

NON-PLAYING COACHES:  Following are the sports that allow one 1 Non-Playing Coach per team: Basketball and Football. Coaches have the option of paying the registration fee and the Sport Fee when submitting their Sports Entry Form and will be eligible to receive a medal should the team medal.

TEAM CAPTAINS:  Each Team event requires a named competitor as Team Captain.  A preliminary team roster must be submitted with the sports entry form of the team captain.  Changes to team make-up are allowed until the Team Captain’s Meeting or competition begins in that particular sport.  A Final Team Roster shall be presented prior to the beginning of competition.  This usually occurs at the Team Captain/Coaches Meeting.

Among the Team Captains other duties:
A) Attend the Captains/Coaches meeting prior to competition and distribute pertinent information to the team;
B) Assume responsibility for determining the team’s schedule and for the team’s punctual attendance at designated times and venues of competition;
C) Be available to Sport Coordinators and officials before, during and after play to make decisions on behalf of the team and to receive information and officials’ rulings that affect play or the team’s progress throughout the tournament;
D) Be responsible for recording and filing written protests within 8 hours of the perceived violation;
E) Be available to represent the team in case of appeals, protests or other inquiry by the LAPFG.


In some Team events, a mandatory meeting is held for Team Captain/Coaches prior to competition. All other sports will hold an orientation to advise competitors about rules, guidelines and any changes.


For Unqualified Persons:  If a person knowingly attempts to enter or enters the Games when they do not qualify for entry, that person shall be disqualified from the Games for life.  If another competitor, team member or team captain/coach enters a person who they know does not qualify for entry, the other player or coach that submitted the entry shall be disqualified from the Games for life.

For Qualified Persons:  If a person otherwise qualified to enter the Games knowingly joins a team for which he/she is ineligible, that person shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action. If another competitor, team member, team captain/coach allows an otherwise qualified person to join a team knowing that the person is not eligible to do so, that team’s representative and the team (including Doubles team) shall be disqualified from competition and will be subject to appropriate discipline.


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