Latinamerican Polices & Fire Games

History of the Latin American Police & Fire Games:

The Games were born as a result of the participation of numerous Latin American athletes to the World Police and Fire Games. There the dream was born of bringing together the police and firefighters from all the countries of Latin America and proposing similar games to them every year.

The first Latin American Games were held in the city of Córdoba, Argentina in November 2013, the second in the city of Buenos Aires in 2014, the third in Curitiba (Brazil) in 2015, the fourth in the City of Buenos Aires in 2016, the fifth in Guadalajara city in 2017, the sixth in Panama city in 2018 and the seventh in Mexico City.

The number of participants planned for Quito in 2020 will be more than 2000 athletes, plus companions.

The economic impact of the Latin American Games will also be important. It is about 2,000 to 3,000 people who stay and spend, visiting a specific city.

EPFG & Olympic spirit:

The physical benefits of sport are unmistakable; the qualities developed by one who practices sport are many, such as challenges in everyday life, perseverance and discipline.

The Latin American Police & Fire Games are symbolic congregation of the Olympic spirit: Fair-play, effort, delivery, fight, solidarity, undiscriminating of no classroom.

Multi ethnicity is at the heart of the Game’s vision, differences are encountered, discovered, shared. New bonds of understanding and friendships are developed.

This great human adventure gives communities a better understanding of how agencies work, meet with them on a friendly basis, and often brings about interactive relations with youth.

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