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Latin American Police & Fire Games Federation (LAPFGF) Rules shall supersede all other rules.  The “master” rules are in Spanish (

All competitors must present themselves in person to the Host’s Registration Center before the beginning of their competition.
Candidates for the Latin American Police and Fire Games must meet the following requirements:

A) Work as police or public firefighters.
B) Have an official training as police or firefighters.
C) Have as main profession that of police or firefighter.
D) Work as a customs or prison administration agent
E) Work as a security agent in an official service, prison administration, international organizations, etc …
F) Being military, being able to have to work with the security forces
G) Be at least 18 years old on the first day of the start of the Games.
H) In case of doubt, the President of the LAPYB will make the decision and that decision will be final.


Entrants will be required to show current agency identification.  If your agency identification does not contain a photograph, you will also be required to present a photo ID, such as a passport or driver’s license and agency ID before the Registration process can be completed. at Host Registration. After all requirements have been satisfied, competitors will be officially registered into the Games and will receive their Athlete Accreditation.  This accreditation should be carried at all times and must be presented during check-in at the sports venues prior to each day’s competition.


Any retired person who meets the participation requirements will be admitted to the Games. You must provide some identification, such as a card or a letter from the corresponding organization.


There are generally three age divisions:

OPEN (from 18 to 39 years old)

MASTER (from 40 to 49 years old)

GRAN MASTER (from 50 years old).

For there to be a MASTER classification and medal delivery, a minimum of 3 participants are required; if this is not the case, those registered will compete in the OPEN category. For there to be a GRAN MASTER classification and medal delivery, a minimum of 3 participants are required; if this is not the case, those registered will compete in the MASTER category.


The valid age is the one you have on the first day of the Games. Teams must compete in the category of their youngest member


The official Confirmation Letters will confirm the event(s) entered.


If any other participant, team captain or coach, allows a person who does not meet the requirements to participate in a team to be part of that team, its representatives will be immediately disqualified from all events of the Games.

If it is discovered that any member of a team eligible to participate has joined a team for which he does not meet the requirements, that team will be immediately disqualified from the competition.



“Uniform” is defined as the clothing worn during the Games.

The following identifiers are allowed:

A) Identifications of the organization, association or team.
B) Brand of the company that makes the uniform.
C) Name of the participant.
D) Advertising (good taste) that occupies a rectangular area that does not exceed 10 cm. x 22 cm .; It can be xerographed or embroidered and must be a complementary color to the uniform.
E) Any other clothing worn by the participants (sweatshirts, jackets, etc.) may carry advertising and logos as long as they are in good taste.
F) Any mention related to politics or religion is prohibited.

Other uniforms and clothing worn or displayed by a participant or spectator must be in good taste, the Organization and the Police and Fire departments. Violations of these rules will lead to expulsion from the campus or disciplinary action. In case of doubt about the type of advertising allowed, you can contact the Technical Secretary of the Games.

Participants in team sports must have two teams, one light in color and one in a dark color.


No unsportsmanlike conduct will be allowed during, before, or after the Games.

Any behavior that discredits LAPYB or the general police and fire services will not be tolerated. Any physical or verbal assault on the referees, the participants, the spectators or the test leaders and in general on any person in the organization will be severely punished.

The unsportsmanlike behaviors of non-competing police or firefighters or other followers may affect their colleagues and the continuity of their participation.

Competitors are responsible for maintaining a professional image. The Organization wishes that all the participants and companions have a happy stay, and is very proud of the reputation of the Games and the professions of the participants. It will do everything in its power to prevent anyone from jeopardizing this purpose.

All participants are expected to abide by local, state and national laws during their stay in the host city. Any illegal activity during this period will lead to disqualification from the competition and may mean the exclusion of all future celebrations of these Games.

The illegal use by any participant of illegal substances is prohibited, as well as the consumption of alcoholic beverages during the competition. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited in venues or competition areas.

No athlete may participate under the influence of alcohol or in a state of decreased understanding or alertness that may be harmful to others or to himself. Any participant suspected of being in these cases will be immediately removed from the competition and the Organizing Committee may open an investigation and take action.


It will ensure that the Regulations are properly respected.

A) It will control and approve the results.
B) It will judge the claims.
C) At least one of its members will witness the draws of the different tests.


It will act in the following cases:

A) The claim of a team not satisfied with the decision of the Technical Jury.
B) At the request of the President of the Organization Committee or the Technical Directors of the Test.
C) Judging all appeals.


The first step to follow will be the presentation of a complaint, which will generally be verbal, through the Team Delegate, captain, coach of the corresponding test or participant and formulated to the Head of the Test, in concrete terms.

The Head of the Test, decides and takes the appropriate measures.

If the Team Delegate, captain, coach or participant is not satisfied with the decision or measures taken, he may make a claim.


In the event of a claim (protest), the claimant must carry out the procedure according to section 8.9. NORMATIVE OF THE JURIES of the General Call of this event, attaching € 10.00 (ten euros) or its equivalent in dollars according to the quote of the day of payment, if your claim proceeds the Organizing Committee will refund the amount deposited, if it does not proceed , said amount will not be refunded.

All claims will have to be formulated in writing on the model provided by the organization and be signed by the Team Delegate, captain, coach or participant of the corresponding event.

The claim will be delivered to the Director of the Latin American Games supervising that sport, appearing within a maximum period of one hour, after the end of the Test has been announced, or, if the claims are against a result in the provisional or definitive lists, within an hour, after publication.

The Director decides and communicates this decision as soon as possible, to the Technical Director of the Event and to the delegates of the participating teams.

If this claim is not satisfactory, the Team Delegate, captain, coach or participant will make the corresponding appeal.


All appeals will be made in writing and must be signed by the Team Delegate, captain or coach of the specialty.

The appeal will be submitted to the President of the Games, as a last resort of the Claim, who will decide, being his final decision, although he does not feel jurisprudence.


Teams may incorporate a coach member of an organization, not a player, who may receive a medal provided they meet the same requirements as the other participants (presentation of the registration form and payment of registration fees) and participate as coach. Said non-player coach may be of any sex and of any service, regardless of the composition of the team.

Non-player coaches who do not belong to an organization or directors who are not members of the team (who do not pay an entry fee) do not need to meet the requirements to participate and will not be able to receive medals. These non-player coaches must present the corresponding sports registration form as well as the exemption of responsibility to the organization. Binding effect: Any decision made by a coach / manager (whether or not he belongs to an organization) or his assistant on behalf of a participant or team will have binding effects for that participant or team and will affect their game, category or ability to participate.


Each team can designate a person to represent it as captain. The captain must be one of the team members or a coach belonging to an institution capable of participating. If a team changes its captain, it must notify the Technical Committee of the Games.

If the team captain is unable to attend a match or event, a provisional captain may be designated as a member of the team. This change must be notified to the Test Chief.


A) Present a regulatory team.
B) Provide the complete list of team members and make the registrations before the deadline. (It is recommended to present jointly the inscriptions of the team and those of each of the members).
C) Be the sole interlocutor between the Organization and / or the Technical Committee / Technical Jury of the Games and the team members and send information or make any changes that occur to both parties.
D) Attend the captains / coaches meeting and provide information to the rest of the team members.
E) Verify the final team list at the captains and coaches meeting and, if necessary, reduce the number of team members to the maximum allowed.
F) Be responsible for the punctuality of the team.
G) Be available to the director of the corresponding event and to the judges / referees before, during and after the competition, to be able to make decisions regarding the team and receive information on the rules affecting the team.
H) Ensure that all team members are dressed correctly, both in competitions and in official events.
I) Be responsible for the team members observing correct and sporting behavior in the facilities and for following the regulations of the Games.
J) Recover and order the claims received in accordance with the established rules.


Only people who have the physical conditions necessary to compete in their sport can register; it is your responsibility and in no case that of the organizer. In all Combat sports, each participant will have to present a recent medical certificate confirming that they are fit to participate.


The organization will have transportation available to go to the competition venues.


The following markings are permitted on attire worn during competition:

  • Agency, association, team identification;
  • Brand name manufactured onto uniform;
  • Competitors name; and,
  • Tasteful advertising in a rectangular area not to exceed 10 cm x 22 cm (4″ X 9″). The advertising may be either silk screened or embroidered and shall be color complimentary to the uniform.Other attire worn by competitors (warm-ups, jackets, hats, etc.) may display additional advertising and logos.  Any uniform or other attire worn or displayed by any participant must be in good taste and in keeping with the good name of the LAPFG, the Host and Law Enforcement and Firefighting services.  Violations may result in expulsion from the LAPFG venues and/or disciplinary action. Contact the LAPFG if you are unsure about the type of advertising allowed. The participants in team sports need to have 2 uniforms of different colors.

Intimidation:  Competitors shall not intimidate or attempt to influence a Sport Official regarding rule changes.  Taking a vote of competitors or otherwise obtaining a consensus of competitors’ wishes to make rule changes is not allowed.

Late Competitors & Scheduling:  Competition will adhere to scheduling as published, or referred to, in the Confirmation Letter. Sports, events, games and/or matches will not be delayed to accommodate late competitors. Some sports have grace periods in the rules.  The Host shall adhere to those rules.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct:  Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be condoned during, before or after competition.  Any behavior that brings discredit upon the LAPFG, or Law Enforcement and Firefighting services in general will not be tolerated.  Any physical or verbal assaults on officials, competitors, spectators, coordinators or ex-officious will meet with immediate and the severest of penalty.  Unsportsmanlike conduct of non-competitor Law Enforcement Officers and Firefighters or other supporters may reflect on their competitor associates and the continued participation of that individual or team.

Alcohol & Drugs:  Competitors are prohibited from consuming alcoholic beverages during competition and alcoholic beverages are prohibited from the field or area of competition.  Controlled substances are prohibited from being used unlawfully by any person associated with the LAPFG.  No participant may compete in any LAPFG sport/event “under the influence” of alcohol or a controlled substance.  If such a condition is suspected, the participant shall be removed from competition and an immediate inquiry shall be conducted by the Host.

Unlawful Activity:   All persons who are associated with the LAPFG shall abide by all Local, State and National laws that apply to those in attendance at the LAPFG.  Unlawful activity during this time will result in disqualification from competition and/or in the reporting of the activity.  This and any other unlawful activity may result in exclusion from all future LAPFGF events.

Gambling:  No gambling of any kind will be permitted during the LAPFG.

WEAPONS, HOLSTERS, AMMO CARRIERS & AMMUNITION: The LAPFGF intends to organize shooting competitions that will not turn into an equipment race. LAPFG shooting events require use of practical handguns and holsters that are truly suitable for police duty.  No “competition” equipment is permitted in LAPFG matches since the main goal is to test the skill and ability of the individual, not equipment or gamesmanship.



The pistols GLOCK 17 will be provided by the local police force to all the shooters.


The ammunition will be sold at the shooting range, at a cost of 50 US$ the box.

The knock down and drop steel targets will be set for 9mm, 125-grain bullets.

NOTE:  If there is any conflict with the above rules regarding weapons, holsters, ammo carriers or ammunition, the LAPFGF Director will make the final ruling.


Any person that enters the EPFG as a retired Law Enforcement Officer or Firefighter must provide identification, in the form of an identification card or letter of identification from their agency, at Host Registration.

Contact the LAPFG Headquarters office if you are unsure as to your status.

Any person terminated from an eligible agency for less than honorable reasons shall not be considered eligible to compete, regardless of length of service or retirement status.


In some Team events, a mandatory meeting is held for Team Captain/Coaches prior to competition. All other sports will hold an orientation to advise competitors about rules, guidelines and any changes.


For Unqualified Persons:  If a person knowingly attempts to enter or enters the Games when they do not qualify for entry, that person shall be disqualified from the Games for life.  If another competitor, team member or team captain/coach enters a person who they know does not qualify for entry, the other player or coach that submitted the entry shall be disqualified from the Games for life.

For Qualified Persons:  If a person otherwise qualified to enter the Games knowingly joins a team for which he/she is ineligible, that person shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action. If another competitor, team member, team captain/coach allows an otherwise qualified person to join a team knowing that the person is not eligible to do so, that team’s representative and the team (including Doubles team) shall be disqualified from competition and will be subject to appropriate discipline.


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