In order to be eligible to compete in the Latin American Police & Fire Games, a person:

Must be at least 18 years old and be publicly employed as a full time Law Enforcement Officer (custom, corrections, military, etc…) or Firefighter in an official department or institution.

Must have formal Firefighter or Law Enforcement Officer training;

Must be a member of an eligible agency; or, a retired Law Enforcement Officer or Firefighter from an eligible agency.


All eligible agencies must be specifically approved by the LAPFGF.  The LAPFGF may approve additional agencies, job descriptions and individuals if, after examination, it finds they qualify under the LAPFG eligibility rules.  In case of doubt, the President of the Latin American Games will take the final decision.


The 3 main Age Divisions are:

Open:               18 – 39 years

Master:             40 – 49 years

Grand Master:  50 years & over

Depending of the number of participants, it can be opened a category 60 years & over.

Age is determined as of the first day of competition of the Games

In Team events (including Doubles), eligibility to compete in any age division is determined by the age of the youngest team member.


The registration fee will be 30 euros if payment is made before September 30, 2020. This fee entitles you to participate in 1 individual or team sport. In the event that any participant wants to compete in more sports, this fee will be 50 euros (with the right to participate in up to 3 sports) or 80 euros (with the right to participate in more than 3 sports). After that date, the basic fee will be $ 80 to be paid in cash at the technical secretariat starting on October 22, and each additional sport will cost $ 20. Registration and entry will be carried out via the Internet (registration section) by credit card, or on the spot, in cash. Registration by “team” in the shooting event and in the swimming relays will be made at the Technical Secretariat at least the day before the competition!


Judo and martial arts/karate puntos entrants must submit a Medical Release prior to or during Host Registration. It must be signed by a licensed physician and shall be based upon a physical examination performed within 6 months of competition. This usually takes the form of a doctor’s note, stating fitness to compete in a contact sport.

Each athlete will have to certify that he is medically ok to participate in the sports he is accredited.

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